Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang 2025

Jennifer is a junior studying Math and Computer Science. She's also a member in Sigma Kappa. Outside of poker club, Jennifer enjoys running along the Charles and spending time with friends!

Justin Shan

Justin Shan 2025

Justin is a junior majoring in CS and Neuroscience. Outside of Poker Club, he enjoys trying his hand at puzzle hunts and gushing about Christopher Nolan movies.

Dylan Robinson

Dylan Robinson 2025

Thomas Guo

Thomas Guo 2025

Thomas is a junior descending from Canada, majoring in CS and Math. He’s also a member of Theta Xi, and enjoys playing video games. In his free time, he likes shaking hands and dislikes folding hands.

Naail Lakhani

Naail Lakhani 2025

Naail is a junior studying Mathematics with Computer Science. In his free time, you'll find him playing poker with other committee members or catching the Celtics game with his friends in ZBT.

Eric Wang

Eric Wang 2024

Eric is a senior studying Computer Science with interests in performance engineering, compilers, and systems engineering. In his free time, he enjoys exploring restaurants with friends and running around at night.

Michelle Li

Michelle Li 2024

Michelle is a senior majoring in computer science and dabbling in mathematics. She's also a member of class council and pi phi. When she's not busy raking in wins from poker, she loves curating her spotify playlists, playing tennis, and trying to grow basil for the third time.

Penny Tan

Penny Tan 2024

Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen 2025

Nathan is a member of the class of 2025 and enjoys programming, poker, and videogames.

Andrew Diaz

Andrew Diaz 2026

Andrew is a sophomore majoring in Physics and Computer Science. Outside of poker club, he enjoys playing tennis, watching f1, and collecting watches.

Vicky Chen

Vicky Chen 2026

Vicky is a sophomore studying 6-9. Outside of poker, she's involved in Ring Committee and HackMIT. In her free time, she enjoys painting and reading yelp reviews.