Annie Chen
Class of 2018
Annie served as one of MPC's 2016-2017 Co-Presidents. She graduated with an Economics major and a Management minor. She is currently an associate at Semler Brossy Consulting Group in NYC. Previously, she has TA’d 15.665 and interned at Booz Allen Hamilton. She enjoys travelling, running, tennis, hiking, cooking, and hanging out with friends or puppies.
David Zheng
Class of 2018
David Zheng served as one of MPC's 2016-2017 co-presidents. He graduated with a B.S. in 6-3, minor in 18, and a Masters of Engineering with a concentration in AI. David currently works as an Algo Developer at Hudson River Trading in New York. In the past, he interned at Citadel, Morgan Stanley, and Pure Storage. In his free time, David likes to ski, jam on guitar, and of course, play poker.
Linh Nguyen
Class of 2018
Linh graduated with a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Music. She was involved in AIChE and Energy Club and also impulsively joined Dance Troupe and the Senegalese Drumming Ensemble her senior year. Linh is currently living in the SF Bay Area and working for Chevron on process development of petroleum additives. In her free time, she likes to compose and arrange jazz music, play tennis, and brew her own beer. She also loves to travel and ran away to Europe for 2 months after graduating!
Jeffrey Lu
Class of 2018
Jeffrey graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Math. He is currently working full-time as a software developer at Five Rings Capital in NYC. He is more adventurous than TC but not quite as adventurous as Linh. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano and listening to music. He also has started getting more into swimming after sustaining an injury while bouldering :(
Martin Ma
Class of 2016
Martin is a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Management Science and Economics. He is interested in the trading industry and did an internship at Susquehanna International Group (SIG), learning about equity options and playing a lot of poker. He has also interned at Altimeter Capital Management as a hedge fund summer analyst and Morgan Stanley as a fixed income strats summer analyst. In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing sports, Pokemon, and hanging out with his frat, Pi Lambda Phi.
Kevin Wen
Class of 2016
Kevin is a senior majoring in Computer Science. He was the president and organizer of 2015 Pokerbots, an IAP programming competition that blends AI and poker strategy. This past summer, he interned at SIG, a proprietary trading firm that specializes in options market-making. He loves playing the trumpet and has played in multiple jazz ensembles and orchestras. He is also a huge audiophile and enjoys messing with speakers and sound systems. His other interests include watching American Football, playing ultimate frisbee, and chilling with his brothers of Phi Kappa Theta.
Dion Low
Class of 2016
Dion is a senior majoring in Computer Science. He is one of the MIT Poker Club founding members back in 2012 with just 5 people. On campus, he is also co-presidents for the Korean Student Association and he has dabbled in robotics and machine vision during IAP Hong Kong. During his summers he has traveled over Southeast Asia while interning for start-up environments in Singapore as well as taking a position in cyber security at Accenture. Dion enjoys scuba diving, swimming, deep tissue massage, photography, dancing, and hanging out with his bros at Phi Beta Epsilon
Danny Yuan
Class of 2015
Danny founded the club with his friends in 2012. He graduated MIT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and in Mathematics, and a Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Machine Learning. He was an active member of the Poker Society when he studied abroad at the University of Cambridge and a three-time finalist for the MIT Pokerbots Programming Competition. He has played in the Main Event once and wants to win a WSOP bracelet in the future. Previously, he has worked at Goldman Sachs, RBC Capital Markets, Google, and Optiver. He is currently VP of Crypto Trading at AlphaGrep Securities.